Monday, 6 August 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday - Holo dotticure!


Now I'm back into the swing of things, I'm loving being bale to join in with challenges again, and since I've been on a bit of a pinning spree (you can follow me on Pinterest here!) since I've been back online, I decided to have a go at Monkey See Monkey Do Monday, and recreate a Fingers Polish Mania manicure from last week.

I started with a-England Tristam and M&S Rainbow, added dots to opposite colours and adding OPI DS Original (I have a full post of the beauty coming up soon!) and then topped off with Fingers' signature funky french tip, again with Tristam and Rainbow. This is the result! Even on shorties I think it looks fun!

Here's Fingers' original design, she has more dots and they're smaller, and I thought it was such a fun manicure I had to try it. Plus, I couldn't wait to wear Tristam, which I got in A-England's recent £5 sale. Bargain for such a beautiful polish!

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  1. This is soooo beautifulllL!!!

  2. Really cool! Any nail art design that involves holo is okay by me =)

  3. Gorgeous AND cute! So glad to see you back!

  4. yay so glad to have you back xxx

  5. Gorgeous! Gotta love a good bit of holo!


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