Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Honey I'm Home!

Hello! Is anybody there? Do I have any followers left?! It's been a while, hasn't it!

I am back, for now at least! I have my decrepit old laptop back, teh interwebz has been reconnected and you have to put up with my gibbering again. I can't believe it's been a month since my last update,  and so much has happened in that time. My baby boy turned two, we've had the wettest summer in the history of the world and I've burned a far few dinners thanks to a certain Mr Grey and his twitchy palm... In between all that I have painted my nails a few times so I have lots and lots of posts lined up, some of which I'm really quite proud of :)

I will be getting a new laptop in the next few days, so you may have to bear with me in terms of getting photos edited and up, but rest assured I haven't forgotten my little corner of the net and I hope I'll soon be back into the swing of blogging.

I've missed you all!

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  1. Welcome back from a new follower =3

  2. welcome back and it sure sounds like you've had a lot going on in your life :) can't wait to see your new posts, I've made quite a few new posts myself. Horray about the new laptop!

  3. It's nice to see you back again :) x


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