Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Adventures in Stamping - Pets

This post is beyond late, but my computer woes continue and this is the first chance I've gotten to show you it! I did do it on time to post for the Sunday it was due, but I didn't get to the library in time, so sorry about that!

Anyway, the theme was international pet month, or something...(sowwee can't remember!) and my pet is a cat. A big ginger tom called George who I've had since he was 6 weeks old (he's now almost 8). He is a beast. He's calmed down a lot now he's older but when he was younger, he was a beast. Fighting, stealing food – from us and other people's houses, bringing us poor innocent creatures he's caught – dead or alive. Last year, we had a spate of frogs in our conservatory – mostly still just about alive but if I didn't find them in time we had a few dessicated ones too (it's hot in there). Like I said, he's a beast. He's lovely with the boys though – for the most part he let's them grab his tail and pull his whiskers, just giving them an occasional swipe to remind them who's boss...

Anyway, I created a manicure perfect for this beastly creature using the dead fish from the first Bundle Monster set, paws from an HB plate and the cat is from a SdP plate. The base is just a random black crème, stamped with good old Barry M Silver Foil.

A perfect manicure for a beastly creature, don't you think?

And here he is, looking sweet and innocent and not at all beastly sunbathing in the garden!

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  1. Hey Helly, After reading your post I get the fish bones! Although that is how most of my kids pet fish ended up. Your orange tabby cat looks like one we used to have. What plates did you use for the stamping?

  2. lol i LOVE the sound of George xx

  3. oh, and the mani. Loved the mani too xx

  4. perfect! I love big orange kitties...we have owned a few and loved them to pieces :0)

  5. Awww George looks like a sweetie even if he does have "beastie" days! My ginger and white cat Casper has a thing about frogs! We keep finding the back ends of them in the garden :(

    Changing the subject, this is a lovely, fun mani :) x


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