Sunday, 29 July 2012

NOTD – Teal and Pink Ruffian


I don't know if you UKers have noticed, but Accessorise have changed the pricing on their polishes, in Superdrug at least. They all used to be £4, but now the cremes are £2.95 while glitters and other “effect” polishes have different prices ranging between £3-4. I picked up “Teal” a while ago, when Superdrug were doing a 3 for 2, and combined it with a freebie I got from Marie Claire magazine, Ciate Jelly Bean to make a rather scruffy Ruffian. I couldn't be bothered *ahem* didn't have time to fiddle around with stickers, so the lines are far from perfect. I rather think a scruffy ruffian sounds about right though!

I loved the colours together, just a shame the execution wasn't better. I need to get myself some of those ring binder sticker things, because I do love me a Ruffian ;)

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  1. I hadn't picked up on that, thanks for the tip!

  2. pretty :D perfect colour combo


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