Sunday, 29 July 2012

Adventures In Stamping - Red and Black

Two posts for the price of one today, you lucky things!

I haven't taken part in any challenges in such a long time, I couldn't wait to get back on the wagon! This week's adventures in stamping theme was red and black. Since I don't have a red polish that would be opaque enough to stamp over black I used 2 coats of Orly Ma Cherie and stamped over with Konad Special Black and Bundle Monster 310. Ma Cherie has a jelly formula and if I wasn't stamping over it I would have used 3 coats, but I always think 2 is enough with the stamping.

I had a really hard time getting these images to pick up onto the stamper. The thin lines weren't so bad, and where they haven't transferred it makes it look quilted, which I think is cute. But the accent on the ring finger was a bitch, and I had to go back and fill it in with a striper after I'd finally gotten the majority of it to stamp. And I smudged the tips a little bit. LeSigh.

I do like it, I like the quilted feel, but I've come to realise red isn't my colour. I always seem to bypass the reds for some reason, although Ma Cherie is lovely. I just don't feel entirely comfortable with it on my nails. Give me turtles, neons, easter eggs, animal print and glitterbombs and I'm fine, but red? Squirm. I know, I'm odd.

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  1. I actually really like this red on you, it looks lovely. Lovely manicure too :)

  2. Looks great.
    Even though i've had 5 plates replaced by bundle monster I feel it's going to be running theme with the new set that the images just aren't good enough to stamp with. I feel a bit wrong saying that as i've bummed the hell out of their other sets, but I had serious issues with their smiley plate while using it today. :(


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