Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympic Nail Art!


I created this mani to enter into a competition, but because of my (now resolved, hooray!) computer issues I didn't get to enter it :( Never mind, it's pretty awful anyway! But since it is the official opening ceremony tonight, here is my interpretation of the London 2012 Olympics, on my nails.

Pinkie: GB Flag; Ring: Gold medal; Middle: Olympic Torch; Index: Olympics Rings; Thumb: London 2012 Logo

The London 2012 Logo got some stick when the design was originally released, because apparently it cost a lot of money and just looks like Lisa Simpson giving head. So there you go!

I went to see the Olympic torch relay through a local town a few weeks back, and got to meet the lovely lovely Kira from my birthday club :) I had such a nice day and to meet Kira was the icing on the cake. And I also got to see Suess, the polish she was wearing in person too! Incidentally, I was wearing a neon and nude animal print mani - absolutely nothing to do with the olympics whatsoever...

You can just about see the torch in my picture, we waited hours and literally saw it for a few seconds, but I'm glad I did! Did the torch come through a town near you? If you saw it, what did you wear on your nails?! Are you wearing anything special for today's opening ceremony? I've done a glitter gradient with Barry M's Jubilee Jewel, which I'l show you soon!


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  1. this is fab... love the medal! xx

    1. Thanks! Think that's my favourite too!

  2. I like it, I did something very similar today. Why did I not think of doing the rings with a dotting tool! Would have made it easier :)

    1. Mine were still wonky though!x

  3. I like the ring finger the best. Lovely mani x


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