Thursday, 19 January 2012

Suffering with the peelies...


Since taking off my gel nails I have been suffering. I don't know if it is the fault of the gels or just my nails back to their usual tricks but they are peeling horribly. I am moisturising, moisturising, moisturising, using a hydrating base coat, wearing gloves outside but they're still split to hell. The length that grew while I was wearing the gels is now all but gone and they're almost nubs again :( So I decided to take action and when I saw this deal on buyapowa I jumped straight in. 4 Orly Minis and a large bottle of their nail defence, for as little as £16 if it hits lowest price. Considering Orly Minis are £5 each on Boots I think it's a good deal, and I've read great reviews on the nail defence. Hopefully it will help my poor, split nails! If you'd like in on this offer click here to join the co buy (and help drive the price lower)!

Have you tried Nail Defence? Did it help?

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  1. I have Nail Defence but haven't tried it in anger yet, so not much help - sorry! I tend to have more problems with breakages than peelies though.

  2. I've just ordered some OPI Nail Envy, the one specifically for peeling nails. I really hope it helps because mine peel terribly, even without ever having gel nails. Let us know if the orly stuff works for you!


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