Friday, 6 January 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge - Animal Print

Hi all!

I joined a couple of polish related Facebook groups, and am taking part in some challenges to keep me occupied! The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge takes place every Friday (you can do your mani any day you like but post it on a Friday IYSWIM) and this week's theme was animal print. What I went with isn't strictly print so I cheated a little... but I hope no-one minded!

To give the base some texture I used Nails Inc Magnetic Houses of Parliament, a cheap market stall striper for the feathers, OPI Designer...De Better for the gold, an un-named pearly blue and the striper again for the "eyes". I really liked it, and peacock nails, freehand like this or stamped, are becoming one of my favourites. Next week's PCFC challenge is a manicure based on your favourite piece of jewellery, and I already know what I'm going to do :) Hopefully it comes out as good as this did.

The gel nails are coming off tonight, so my next post will be on my nubs. Boo.

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  1. I love the peacock pattern and it's very nicely done.

  2. I love these!!! I seem to have a bit of an obsession with peacock feathers at the mo! Will have to give these a try! xoxo

  3. Cool!!! Very pretty :)

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  4. i love these. Great work, linked to your post in my PCFC post :)

  5. This is a stunning mani.. I love peacocks! You executed this perfectly; nice work! ;)


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