Thursday, 5 January 2012

NOTD Smurf Hands...

Hello, sorry I've not posted for a few days, I'm having trouble getting good pictures with this gloomy weather (and my lack of camera skillz). I have a couple of manicures to show you coming up :)

This is a manicure I wore for a few days in the week between Christmas and New Year (doesn't it seem like months ago now?) I used a navy blue creme from 2True on all fingers except my ring, which I used Barry M Lilac Foil and then stamped a flowery Bundle Monster pattern, reversing the colours. But where is this accent finger she speaks of, I hear you cry. Well, I went into Boots before I got to take any pictures, and going into Boots means that I test out nail polish and only two fingers stayed intact... Sorry about that!

Now look at the state of my fingers after I removed it! I've used this polish before and it wasn't too bad for staining which leads me to believe that non-acetone polish remover is pants. It's drying out my skin more than acetone remover does and it stinks to high heaven. It isn't hurting my booboo though, which is a good thing because just about everything else is.

I had to walk around for a DAY with blue hands, nothing would get it off until I went swimming on new years day with the kids! Just call me Smurfette. What do you do about staining? I usually scrub with an old toothbrush and polish remover but even that wouldn't shift it.

Off to pick Ollie up from pre-school now, in the rain. Fun times!

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  1. omg - lol! i do agree tho - i think non acetone remover just smears it round. According to my very good friend Deborah Lippmann, the trick is to put the wet cotton wool on the nail for 30 secs, then it just SLIDES off - i have tried it with vampy colours, and it does work xxx :)


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