Friday, 20 January 2012

PCFC - Glittabomb!

This week's PCFC manicure was Glitterbomb, chosen by Abby. What I went for isn't exactly a "bomb" more like a damp firework, but it's pretty blingy and I got to use one of my China Glaze 3d Eye Candy glitters, Loreli's Tiara. ZOMG this is purdy stuff. I painted all my nails with a coat of Barry M Silver Foil Effects, freehanded glitter tips on most nails and did three coats of Loreli's Tiara on ring finger and thumb.

After I'd washed the dishes earlier, I pulled the plug out as you do and when I went to rinse the sink I found this in the plughole!

The thumb peeled right off! I wanted to wear it for a day longer so just painted the thumb again. Then today I went to a friends for the afternoon for the kids to play, looked down at one point to see that the ring and middle fingers on my left hand had done the same. So my friend is going to find two nail shaped pieces of polish somewhere! Maybe I had some grease on my nails when I painted them, but it was really odd! I'm used to my polish chipping but it doesn't often come off in big sheets!

What do you think of Loreli's Tiara? I got three CG 3d Eye Candy Glitters, this, Love Marilyn and Some Like It haute, but I wish I could afford the others too. I could spend so much money at the moment....shame I haven't got any!

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  1. That's weird how it peeled off! I was so close to picking this up yesterday, it was reduced price..I should have! Looks great on you anyway!

  2. Well. That's something. The polish just sheeting right off.

    I have the Eye Candy polishes and they are so beautiful. Lorelei's Tiara is a favourite of mine. :)

  3. I know it's terribly annoying that it just pops off like that but it's easy removal a least ;-) I love love love lorelei's tiara, it's gorgeous just like this Mani.

  4. I'm still waiting for mine...pfff
    I realy like the way you applied it.

  5. How strange :( Looks lovely while it lasted though!:]

  6. Definitely easy removal! ;) Loving what you did with the glitter, looks really nice!


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