Tuesday, 17 January 2012


When I first saw Deborah Lipmann Glitter in the Air I wasn't that impressed. The glitter was sparse, it was sheer and I just wasn't all that keen. But then Revlon starts duping them like a Chinese sweat shop and my interest is perked... I still don't rate the DL but Revlon's version, Whimsical, I want. Have Revlon released it here in the UK? Have you ever seen me in a bikini? The answer to both of these is no. And apparently Whimsical is getting hard to find in the US too. So I thought I'd cut out the middle man and have a go at making Whimsical myself! I wasn't entirely successful, but what I managed is still pretty... I used around a third of a bottle of a pretty glitter I got in Claires - round/hex pink, blue and red glitter and smaller silver glitter in a clear base. I poured about a third of the bottle into an old topcoat bottle and added a glug of a cheap clear polish, then a few drops of Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream and some white. Here's 3 coats of the result:

I also made a pink version, kind of a cross between Revlon Starry Pink (another one they didn't bring to the UK...grrr) and Lipmann's Candy Shop:

Now while I LOVE my Whimsical franken (which I have named Capricious) I still want a real Whimsical. Time to replace Facets of Fuchsia on your concessions PLEASE Revlon!

Have you ever tried to dupe a polish?

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  1. You did an amazing job! Both of your frankens look like an exact match! I have whimsical, but was disappointed with it. It's pretty...thin and sparse. I had to use several coats over a light blue base. I love the name you gave it..Capricious. Reminds me of "capricious youth" I think that's from Mall Rats?

  2. Nice effort! I've never seen whimsical yet over here in Australia (and trust me I've been looking!)

  3. Hi darling! Nice blog!
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  4. i love both of your frankens!! amazing:]

  5. You did a great job! I like your version better than Whimsical! lol.

  6. I think your franken looks better than Whimsical too! it's happier! Whimsical can look a little, sad, pale, dull. good job!!!

  7. Looks good enough to me. Shame it isn't coming to the UK though :(

  8. You did such a good job! I want it as bad as I want Whimsical :P

  9. Oooh love both of these you made! I saw that polish in Claire's and almost picked it up but then thought do I need another glitter top coat? May have to make a purchase and do some mixing myself! :D xx


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