Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tri-Polish Tuesday - Pink, Brown and Grey #1 - taped tips


I'm excited about this month's TPC colours - pink, brown and grey. There just seems to be more options than last month - you can go pastel, neon etc without changing the colours whereas red is red so options are limited. Anyway, for the first challenge I kept it simple and went for a brown base in the form of Barry M Mocha and taped some elongated glitter trianges in Models Own Pink Fizz, a lovely rosey pink glitter. I'm really loving simple designs like this on my almonds, I should do them more often! My pictures again aren't fabulous, we're in the midst of 100 days of rain here in the UK it seems, so I have to apologise that they're more than a little dingy.

Next weeks TPC will be valentines themed! See you then!


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