Thursday, 6 February 2014

GOT Polish? Green!


Today's Golden Oldie Thursday is bought to you by the colour green! Zoya Apple was my green of choice, and it's just so, well, appley! If appley isn't a word, it should be. I'm sad my lighting wasn't better for these pics because it has a lovely delicacy in the sun. I'm also sad that green doesn't seem to suit me, which is possibly why I don't wear this polish more. I stamped some retro-looking wibbly squares on top. Groovy baby.


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  1. I love this design! So pretty!

  2. Sorry for that, becuase the pictures don't justice to your nails art. But I must say that the polish which you've just used is really amazing.

  3. Great polish and appley is a good word!


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