Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Off-Topic Tuesday - Vanish Gold


When I'm not painting my nails, playing with make-up and beauty products and generally gallivanting around being glamorous, I'm a Mummy of two crazy boys! Probably the least glam job in the world, but I love it. One thing I do not love however, is the sheer amount of laundry two small boys produce. I thank the laundry fairy daily for my washing machine, which seems to be constantly on, but still it's sometimes not enough to get stains out of clothes. And there are stains aplenty. Bzzagent* sent me some Vanish Gold powder to try, and we all had a bit of a laugh when a pack of beetroot and a pipette fell out of the box! Vanish Gold promises stain removal in just 30 seconds, and so I gave it a try. Armed with a small boy's white vest (pre-stained with chocolate milk), I did as instructed and squirted 5 (or so...) drops of beetroot juice onto the vest, then mixed some of the powder with warm water in the scoop provided, ,before pouring it onto the stain and rubbing with the bottom of the scoop for 30 seconds. Apparently the bobbles on the bottom of the scoop help the product to penetrate into the fabric. Once that was done, there was barely any beetroot left, just a slight yellow mark on the fabric, so I threw it in the wash with my usual detergent and another scoop of Vanish in the drawer and sat down with a beetroot sarnie...



Slight yellow mark before washing
 I washed as usual, 40 degrees with bio washing powder and a scoop of Vanish Gold. Every trace of the stain vanished! Even the dried in chocolate milk which I hadn't pre-treated.

All clean!
I've been adding a scoop of this to every white wash I've done since, and I have to say I have noticed that my whites are looking brighter. My eldest son has white polo shirts for school which I can never get clean, and it's even faded some stubborn ink stains. There are a few things to note though; as you can see I struggled to get the granules to completely dissolve and my washing machine did too. Putting a scoop into the drawer is what Vanish recommends, but when I opened the drawer for the next load I found a big lump of it that hadn't dissolved and had set rock solid. I have had this problem before with other similar products and usually get around it by putting the powder straight into the drum, but it is worth making a note of. Secondly, I didn't test what would happen if I let the beetroot stain set before pre-treating it, so I can't vouch for dried in stains of that kind. And I ate the beetroot. Yum!

Do you have any stain removal tips and tricks? Are you a parent of small boys too? Just how do they manage to produce so much laundry? And only ever one sock from each pair...


*I'm a Bzzagent and was supplied with the opportunity to experience the product featured. All opinions are my own and unbiased. Please see the disclosure tab above.
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