Wednesday, 5 February 2014

OPI Pure 18k White Gold and Silver Topcoat


As it was my birthday over the weekend I treated myself to a couple of special polishes (wouldn't be a birthday if I didn't, right?) and this was one of them. I popped my Sally's cherry and dished out £8.70 on it from the clearance section! It would be stupid not to, right? I wanted it since it came out, but the full price of £30ish is crazy money for one polish to me (I could feed the 4 of use for a week on that if I had to!) but 8 quid is more justifiable. I got the gold version for Christmas last year, and I actually think this is better. The formula isn't as thick and there seems to be more flakes in this one. Anyway, here it is over two coats of NYC Purple Pizzazz. Yum!

I haven't stopped looking at my nails all day! Well, more so than usual. I do tend to look at them quite a lot anyway...

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