Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge August day 3 - Roll up, roll up...

Bonjour :)

Today is TPC day 3, and when I picked my three polishes for this month they immediately reminded me of a circus tent. Now as I'm now where near talented enough to create an actual circus on my nails, I tried a stamper decal to get the effect of a circus tent. If you're not familiar with the stamper decal technique it couldn't be easier. I paint a square of clear polish onto something shiny that it will peel away from when dry (in this case a silicone baking dish, but I've also used sticker backing paper and plastic sandwich bags successfully), and let it dry completely. Once that's done, stamp your image and colour it in using a little brush and either polish or acrylic. Let it dry again, peel off and stick to your nails with clear polish. A couple of coats of clear polish on top and you're done! I made a video tutorial here, if you'd like to look - it only shows individual images but it's more or less the same with a full nail design, you just clean up around the edges in the same way as you would normally. I used Bundle Monster BM301 with Konad Special white, and filled it in with Nails Inc Notting Hill Carnival and China Glaze Rougish Red. I went and got my eyebrows done today and they lady there made all the girls come and look at it...little embarrassing really!

Circus-y? Kinda! I'm a kinda kinda girl!


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  1. Hi, I am relatively new to the nail blogging scene and have found your blog. I love your designs - they are so bold and colourful :D


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