Sunday, 4 August 2013

Adventures in Stamping - XOXO

This weeks Adventures in Stamping prompt was to use a plate ending in 8. Now, sit back, I'm going to tell you a little story. While my plate collection is not vast, the number I own is definitely in the hundreds - I have the first 3 Bundle Monster sets, a cheeky, a GALS and a Pueen set, 20 or so HB plates, a few sets with 4 or 5 plates in (Salon Express, Nailz Craze, Fun) and quite a few miscellaneous plates - konads and fauxnads, a couple SdP's, an Cheeky XL. You get the picture. Friday night, I sat down with my box of plates and spent about 20 minutes pulling out all of the plates ending with a 9. Hang on, I hear you say, didn't she just say the theme this week was plates ending in 8? Well, yes. Yes I did dear reader. Doh. So, I went a put all the "9" plates back in the right places (about 20 of them), and then spent about another 20 minutes pulling out all the 8s - again about 20. I chose the one I wanted to use and then carefully put back all the others. I started on my base with the box of neatly organised plates sat next to me on the couch, until something spooked the dog and he jumped up sending the box flying. Grr. So then, I had to pick the scattered plates up from the floor with wet nails, which of course meant ruining the base, and even managing to peel off a split I'd been babying. Safe to say this mani was not meant to be...

Anyway, I did get it done eventually, and I rather like it in the end. The ill fated base was OPI Pink Friday, which I added stripes to with Barry M's white nail art pen. Then I stamped using Sallen Hansen Insta Dry Speedy Sunburst and Pueen 38.

After all that hassle, I really don't feel like taking it off tonight... I'll have to replace it with something really awesome ;)

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  1. this is really pretty. i love the idea of layerin up different patterns to create a unique deign. So striping underneath was deffinatly a good idea!

    Love all your work!

  2. Very cute!! Love the colors together!


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