Thursday, 22 August 2013

August Tri-Polish Challenge Day 2 - Cheats Watermarble


Check me out being on time for a challenge twice in a row! I've got something very refreshing today, with the green and yellow from the three challenge colours, and it reminds me of lemons and limes! Now, it looks like a watermarble, it feels like a watermarble, it even tastes like a watermarble... Too much? Ok, well it IS a watermarble, but I didn't marble directly onto my nails. I dropped my polishes (Nails Inc Notting Hill Carnival and Barry M Key Lime) into the water and made my pattern as usual. But instead of then dipping my fingers into the water and going through all the palava of taping them up, positioning and then cleaning up afterwards, I dipped a piece of plastic sandwich bag, which picked up the whole pattern. Then I let it dry completely, before peeling off the polish (as if you were making a stamping decal), finding the sections of the pattern that I liked, then trimming it and sticking them to my nails using clear polish. Topcoat and done! You dont have to be terribly accurate when trimming because you can use a clean up brush with remover to get them right, so cut them a little bigger than your nails. I did this twice for two accent nails on each hand, and could have gotten at least three nails from each piece, so you could probably get a full mani from three 'dips'. For this mani, I used a wee bit of Floam on the tips of my other three nails, which I think goes perfectly. Mess free watermarble that worked? Happy Helly.

What do you think? Would you like to see another video for this method? Maybe I'll dust off the camera again...

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