Saturday, 15 October 2011

NOTD - Silver and Indigo drag marble

My first attempt at a drag marble came out pretty well I think :) As usual I liked the left hand better than the right, and my favourite finger was the first one I did - why does that always happen? I thought it would be less messy than water marbling, and it was but only slightly! I make a mess cleaning up so that's no surprise! I painted a thin coat of Miss Sporty Metallic Crystal as the base, let it dry then added a much thicker coat. While that was still wet I added 3 blobs of Barry M Indigo (one of my favourites) to each nail using a dotting tool and then dragged through them with a pin (you could use a cocktail stick - which I will do next time I think) in a swirly pattern. It was lumpy and bumpy so a couple coats of TC and this is what I got.

Fave nail. Clearly I threw the polish at it from a distance in the dark...

I'm looking forward to trying some other combos, what colour combinations would you try?

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