Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halloween Week 2 - Spiders!


I've seen this manicure, or versions of it on a few blogs, but this is my take. I used 2 coats of Beauty UK Blue Shimmer for my base and Miss Sporty Blueberry to stamp the spiders from BM13. Then I added a blue rhinestone to one spider on each nail and topped with Seche vite (yay I have a new bottle :) ). What do you think? I really like the colour combo, even though I had trouble getting the spiders legs to stamp and had to paint a few in with a wee brush.

Be warned, this next picture was taken pre-cleanup and cuticle cream to show a twitter friend quickly - but you can see the stamping more clearly.

Since I decided to do this yesterday afternoon I've had this in my head, anyone remember it?
Spider in the bath, spider in the bath, there's a creepy crawly creepy crawly spider in the bath! I know he's only there because he wants to have a laugh! I thought I put him down the drain but now he's climbing up the chain, spider!

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  1. Helly, That is a very pretty Halloween design. I have never seen a Halloween design in pretty blues. Very original! I love your spiders.

  2. Very cute spider I really like how you did them in blue.


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