Thursday, 24 March 2011

My starting point

Now, if I can figure out how to upload a picture here are the 23 nail polishes that I currently own...

They are: 
Top row, left to right - Barry M Instant Effects, Wet and Wild Wild Shine Black Creme, Wet and Wild Wild Shine Denim Chrome, 17 Lasting Fix Exquisite, Barry M Indigo, Collection 2000 Maxiflex Hot Purple, Barbara Daly Velour, Beauty UK Glam Nails Lilac Girl, Barbara Daly Denim, NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel Starry Silver Glitter, Rimmel Lasting FinishYour Majesty
Bottom row, left to right - Natural Collection Crystal Clear, Nails Inc. Victoria, Barry M Red Glitter, Barbara Daly Envy, 17 Fast Finish Knockout Red, Collection 2000 Maxiflex? (deep red with gold shimmer - name has worn off the bottle!), Collection 2000 Maxiflex Pink Passion, 17 Fast Finish Lilac Storm, nails Inc. Jermyn Street, Barbara Daly Honeycomb, Catrice Just Seconds Sophisticated Chic, Collection 2000 nailcare Growth Promoter

I don't think this is a bad starting point! The picture isn't great as the only place I could take it away from little fingers is in my conservatory and as it's a sunny day it's too bright in there, but I hope it will give you a feel for some of the colours I have. I want to add some more blue-y colours - possibly Barry M Cobalt Blue or Cyan Blue, some more pinks, and also an orange. I also used to have some brown polishes in various shades, but they seem to have been mislaid, so they need replacing. Then some more glitters - a large gold glitter and some different coloured smaller glitters. I'll also shortly be needing a new base coat (I use the collection 2000 nailcare at the moment) as the bottle is over half gone and getting gloopy. Oh, and when Models Own bring out their new crackles in a few weeks I am getting a purple and silver one!

My favourites at the moment are the 17 Exquisite which I currently have on my toes, and the Barry M Indigo. I know there are no true greens there, and I would like at least one green polish, but it's finding the right one at an affordable price.

So, that's my small stash, I'm sure I'll grow it over the coming weeks! If you have any suggestions for colours I need, good base and top coats, or anything else please comment!

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