Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Barbara Daly Honeycomb

Barbara Daly is a make-up line stocked at Tesco, and since Tesco is the only place that sells nail polish in my small town I have a few BD polishes. The Tesco pharmacy stocks Rimmel, Maybelline, BD and something else I can't remember... But anyway, that's where a lot of my polishes will be from!

However, whenever I get a BD polish I am always disappointed. I loved the colour of this one, but it was a pig to apply. Streaky and thick, and now it's dry it's bubbled. The pics below are two coats plus Natural Collection Crystal Clear as a top coat in natural sunlight. You can see how much I had to cull my nails too :(

Like I say I loved the colour. My three year old said it looked like chocolate, and I guess it does have a melted milk chocolate feel to ti. But it was such a pig to apply and looks messy now so I probably wont use it again, at least not for a full manicure.
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