Sunday, 11 May 2014

Stained Glass Springtime


This week's adventures in stamping theme was spring, and I thought I'd try out a new technique. I blogged a while ago about some sheer tint-esque polishes I made, with this technique in mind. The idea is that you stamp a pattern on a white base, and then "fill in" the image using these sheer polishes and a little brush or dotting tool, making it look like stained glass (or leadlight). Because they're sheer, the colour will only show over the white and not the black stamping lines. For a first try, I'm quite pleased with how this manicure came out - I used MoYou XL Pro 06 and pink, raspberry, purple, yellow and green home made sheer polishes. The unstamped nails are China Glaze Keep Calm Paint On, which is my favourite mint and as such has gone a little gloopy. I love it so much though it finally made me order some thinner!

It's not perfect but for a first go I don't think it's too bad! And a little bit of wonk adds to the charm ;)

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  1. Waw! Very elegant and perfect for Spring!

  2. I love this look! In fact, I was just telling my self I needed to try this technique this week!


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