Thursday, 15 May 2014

GOT Polish? Texture!


Another one from before the break today, and in fact it was before the mini-break that lead me to shorten my nails a little a few weeks ago. I had intended to do some nail art on top, but the tip of my middle finger broke off before I had a chance, so for the first time ever it's a no-nail-art GOT polish from me! The polish is Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sour Apple - my love for this kind of green is never ending!

Short and (hopefully) sweet today, lots of little things seem to be conspiring against me at the moment and I'm in a bad mood! Plus my cat has been missing since Monday and I'm really worrying about him. I'm sure he's got stuck in someone's shed or garage somewhere, he's that dopey but he knows which side his bread's buttered and he's always usually home for dinner. Here's hoping he finds his way home soon :(


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  1. Brilliant choice of polish, I have this one and love wearing it because of the very spring colour. Great photographs also! :)

  2. Great color:) I love this edition:)


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