Monday, 19 May 2014

Lacey nudes...

...and if that title doesn't attract the spam bots I don't know what will. Anyway...


I've decided a good way to embrace my nubs is to get out all of the stamping plates that I might have dismissed lately because the images were too small, or not suited to an almond shape, and make use of them! While I could make the images from the Pueen Love Elements set fit, I think this design (from Pueen 29) used in this way is more suited to a square shape. I only used half of the image, and placed it down the side of my nail, accenting with some rhinestones (which I couldn't have applied any wonkier if I tried). The base is Nails Inc Sao paulo Streets, which was a freebie from the month's InStyle mag and a lovely cool toned nude.

Did you pick up any of the InStyle freebies this time around? This is the only one which called to me and it is nice and the formula was good too.

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  1. Bonus points for wonkier. Love this elegant and understated look amd great attitude towards the nubs. You turned a lemon into a cake!

  2. Gorgeous this would be perfect for a wedding :)

  3. I love this, I have the buffet set from pueen but I still have to snag the love elements one.. think that will be this month!


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