Sunday, 19 May 2013

Starry Skittle Sunday!

Hi all!

It's Sunday and that means stamping! Today's Adventures in Stamping theme was over a skittle base (where each nail is painted a different colour) and my favourite kind of skittles are neon skittles! I used the Models Own Ice Neon collection for my base and then layered a coat of Australis Speck-tacular, a flaky topcoat, over them before stamping stars from QA18 (an ebay purchase) with Konad Black. I layered the neons over white to make them pop a little more, but honestly the formula on these is so good I don't think it made much difference, apart from on the yellow.

Konad black is so messy to clean up, so I apologise that they're a little scruffy but I liked them :) Lots of compliments too, which is always nice!

The Tri Polish challenge for this month is starting this week, so I promise to get some mid-week posts up! Looking forward to this month, I've picked some tricky colours ;)

Hope your weekend has been kind! Hangover central here today - what Sundays are made for!

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