Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May Tri Polish Challenge day 1 - Nubs and Roses

See what I did there? Do ya? Ok....let's move on.

So, the tri polish challenge has rolled around again and this month's colours are grey, red and blue. I wanted to challenge myself, so didn't chose "easy" colours - they're all shimmers, fairly dark and not what I'd usually use for nail art. All three are China Glaze - Want My Bawdy (blue), Immortal (grey) and Bend Over Backwards (red).

I'm babying my peely pointers, so still sporting nubs, and I've wanted to do a floral mani for a while. I used Immortal as the base (amazingly pretty grey with blue and pink flecks of yum) then striped with Want Your Bawdy and added the splodgy roses with Bend Over Backwards. The detail on the roses was done with Barry M's new black nail art pen.

There we are, TPC number one for May :) Now I just have to come up with 3 more!


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  1. I really like these colours together!

  2. These turned out cute! Also, oops - looks like I nicked your name. I actually did a search for the name before starting my blog and only found a now defunct one, don't know how I missed yours. I'm very sorry!
    The other nail newbie ;)

  3. This is really pretty! I never thought of using non creme colours :( Next challenge I'll have to think about my colours more, as the grey looks fab :)

  4. Immortal looks great love the mani :D

  5. These are adorable! And I'm going to be needing your bottle of Immortal and Cast a Spell if you have it too. Kthnxby.


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