Friday, 10 May 2013

Nub nub nub!


Over the weekend I managed to break two nails - not super low but they were flaky corners so I decided on a cull and chopped them all short! I was dreading it, but am actually loving my neat little nubs for once. They're all even, tidy, no splits or peels, easier to stamp and I'm at less risk of poking the children's eyes out when I wipe their faces. Win win.

Anyway, to celebrating the nubbing, I wore this very special polish my birthday club friend Ashley made me. Yep. MADE me. Just me, all mine! And it's so pretty! Holo, sparkles, flakies and purple. Perfection! And we even got some sunshine on bank holiday Monday to show it off with. Lots of pics ahead...

In shade you can see the flakes of goodness...

With flash the holo sparkles peep out...

And then in sunshine struts it's stuff!

Thank you so much Ashley, my very own polish named after me :)

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  1. They may be short but they still look lovely, especially with that polish on :)

  2. New nail length looks great, you haven't had to chop too much which is good :) xx

  3. I love shorties! And I'm jealous of your polish made just for you! That's too cool! I picked up an extra Julep Helen for you, ya know, when I finally get around to sending out your package. :/ I don't know if you will like the color, but everyone needs a polish with their name on it :)


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