Monday, 18 February 2013

New 31 day challenge day 17 - new technique (Black spotted effect)

Hi again :)

Day 17 of the challenge was to try a technique you'd not tried before. I pondered this for ages and had almost settled on trying a fan brush, when I was hit by inspiration. A new technique started floating around the nail art community, headed by Cutepolish to create an OPI Spotted-look, without the impossible to find OPI Spotted polish. She uses alcohol-hand sanitiser sprayed into black polish floated on water, and I'd been mulling it over in my head for days. I couldn't find spray bottles of hand sanitiser in local shops and was about to order some online when I suddenly thought of using perfume. Perfume contains alcohol, right? A bit of experimenting later, and it worked! I played around with different black polishes and how high to spray the (cheap unwanted Christmas present) perfume from, and I came up with this, on top of my watercolour mani from day 15.

I found you have to spray from quite a height, and work really quickly or the alcohol takes to much polish away. It's really cool to watch it when you spray, the perfume sort of eats the polish! I really like the effect, although I still REALLY want the real OPI black spotted, it's taken the edge off a bit ;)

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