Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April Tri-Polish Challenge day 1 - a spotty and a stripy...


So I didn't do any better at blogging last week did I? But I had a lot of fun with my boys while the big one was off school - swimming, shopping, baking, and general tomfoolery! And the baby starts pre-school this week! NOOO! This means I am getting old and just no.

Anyway, back to the nails. The colours for this month's tri-polish challenge hosted by the Crumpets Nail Tarts over on Facebook (join us, we don't bite...) are pink, turquoise (not blue) and orange. I'm usings Nails Inc Candy Orange, Rimmel London Sky High and Essie Off The Shoulder - a choice I may possibly regret as none of them are as opaque as I thought they would be... For the first manicure of the four I just sat down with my colours and went at it with a striping brush and a dotting tool. Enjoy!


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  1. This came out lovely! :)
    And I know how you feel about choosing the right polishes - I do hope mine are opaque enough for some of the ideas I've got ;)

  2. Very pretty!! Love dots and stripes combined in one mani, well done!

  3. very pretty and your lines are so crisp :)


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