Saturday, 21 September 2013

Storage Saturday - Tools and Nail Art Supplies


Another storage Saturday, and this time I'm treating you to a view of how I store all my nail care and nail art bits and bobs. Rest assured that there is less of this than there is polish! Just three drawers in fact. In we go!

These are the drawers I have all my crap supplies in. Nothing special, just a plastic unit that my children have lovingly adorned with a sticker here and there! On top I have a little tray which holds my current base and top coats, a couple of files and orange sticks, a buffing block, clean up brush and a hand cream. There's probably a couple of lip balms and hair clips/elastics in there too! There's also my favourite remover and an old candle jar with some cotton pads inside. These don't usually sit on top of the unit, rather on a side table next to where I sit but I thought I should show you. There's also a massive bottle of Soap and Glory Hand Food, my favourite hand lotion, that sits permanently by my side.

Drawer one holds lots and lots of nail files, my brushes and dotting tools, spare orange sticks and cuticle pushers, base and top coats that I'm not currently using (including my PVA glue base), cuticle remover, buffing blocks, toe separators, pure acetone (which I only use for cleanup and stamping), acetone free remover and a Nails Inc express remover pot (useful for cleaning brushes!). There are also a couple of magnets for magnetic polish, and usually a bag of make-up sponges and a bag of cotton buds which I took out so you could see everything else! Really annoyingly, when I sorted everything out to go in these drawers I accidentally threw away my matte top coat, thinking it was an old base coat. Grrr!

Drawer number two contains all the embellishments you'll ever need! I has caviar beads, studs, rhinestones of all shapes, colours and sizes, loose glitter, fimo canes, fuzzy stuff (what's it called - flocking powder?), bows, striping tape, dried flowers, mylar flakes, glequins, nail wraps, stickers, foils...lots of yummy stuff!

And the final drawer. The pink box holds striping polishes and nail art pens (I have a set of Rio ones, all 4 Barry M pens and a few randoms), stamping polishes and acrylic paint (which I tried to use once and then gave up in disgust). The little bag at the back holds all of my stampers and scrapers (old gift cards etc mostly) and the little plastic box next to that is holding a lint roller, for cleaning my temperamental squishy stamper in between stamps (and a spare one behind that).

So that's it! How I store all my nail art gumpf. Well all except my stamping plates, which I'll show you next week!

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