Wednesday, 26 June 2013

'Cause she thinks she's made of candy...


I've become somewhat of a lemming killer lately, thanks to Facebook polish sale groups! One of my latest quashed desired was Jindie Nails Candyland, a gorgeous white crelly stuffed with different sized neon hex glitters. Yum! I'm a sucker for white-based glitters anyway, and my unexpected love of neon is back for summer so of course this was a hit! I combined it with a neon pink accent nail and some stamped flip flops for an extra summery vibe!

Now it wasn't an easy polish to apply - it wasn't the worst I've had by a long shot, but it certainly took a bit of patience. 3 coats and then some dabbing got the effect you see here, and I had to fish around a bit for anything other than pink glitter. Those damn blue hexes! Worth it though? I think so :)

We actually had a couple of sunny days to accompany this mani, usually as soon as I put on something summer appropriate the weather has a good old LOL and the heavens open! Long may it continue as I've just put on a holo!

Killed any lemmings lately?

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  1. What are the sale groups? Thank you for your helpful posts!

    1. Hi Kelly, I only know of UK ones dues to our silly postage restrictions, but if you search for nail polish sales or similar you should find loads x

  2. I had a lemming slayed for me by Denise (Dizzy Little Digits) when she sent me Essie Penny Talk - there is an amazing satisfaction to it but now I am on the hunt for more polishes >.<

  3. Ooh it's prettyful! I'm loving these unique indie polishes at the moment x


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