Sunday, 24 March 2013

Oi, Winter, NO!!!

I don't know about you, but I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of winter now! Would someone please wake Spring up and tell him we're sorry, we miss him and want him back? I woke up yesterday morning to a thick blanket of snow on the ground and wondered if I was still drunk from Friday night! It's Easter next weekend for goodness sake! It should not be -2 out...

Anyway, rant over, on to the nails. This week's Adventures in Stamping Sunday theme was Spring Flowers, so I am hoping that all the lovely flowery manis over there will encourage Spring out of his hidey hole. I went for a simple reverse accent nail again, and used two Orly colours as my base- Preamp (gorgeous sparkly pink that I couldn't quite capture) and Au Champagne. The rosebuds I stamped were from GA36, and I stamped using Barry M Gelly Grapefruit and Konad SP White.

I'm really impressed with how well the Barry M Gelly stamped. I don't have many in my collection, and I've not tried any others for stamping but if they're all this good I need more!

I'm going to try and get the tutorial for the decals up for you tomorrow, since I got lots of comments asking for it! And then we're back to the Tri Polish Challenge on Tuesday. Has Spring arrived where you are yet? If it has, could you send some my way please?!

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  1. Ugh, yeah, I wish Spring would get here already. I was in London on Friday and was being driven back on the motorway in what was essentially a blizzard =( Horrid! I miss the sun and the flowers!

    I love the idea of the reverse stamping! I've not been brave enough to try any stamping myself but when I do I might try something like this, it's lovely!


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